Anubha’s Experience  Cont..

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while she was at school. Amidst her delirious sobs, she heard the boy who always helped carry her bag come running back. He immediately pulled out his own bright white handkerchief and used it to tie the two dangling parts of Deepali’s sole source of support. While holding her bag with one hand, the boy used the other to assist Deepali home.
            Finally, at 24 years of age, Deepali discovered NASEOH and immediately enrolled herself in the six month computer course as well as the six month typing course. Not only did she discover a place where

others like her can gain important skills, but she found a place that introduced her to life-long friends, something that Deepali severely lacked before. The sheltered and comfortable atmosphere of NASEOH gave ample space for Deepali’s self-confidence to be nurtured. With this newly gained confidence, Deepali knows that she wants a good job in the future in order to be able to support her parents, her lifelines ever since birth.
            Giggling, she boldly tells the story of how she and her sisters went to a local pub last Sunday. Mrs.

Mestry, extremely hesitant in allowing her fragile daughter to be exposed to the brutality of ignorant minds, suggests that Deepali stay inside the well-worn walls of their comfortable home. Deepali’s immediate response quickly revealed a total absence of fear and a grounded sense of confidence in herself, her body, and her world. She has no fear of who she is, something that only a lucky few can ever confidently state.



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