After making an impact in volunteerism in Mumbai, AVSAR  expands its wings to Delhi.

          MPH? MBA? IT? Several NGOs in Mumbai as well as Delhi are looking for MPH’s, MBAs and IT

I began this month long investigative foray into India with the smug attitude that often follows one who feels all too familiar and comfortable with a place.  I was born in India twenty years ago.  I could speak Hindi fluently.  I’ve been eating roti, dal, chaval for as

long as I can remember.  I even knew some of the religious Hindu hymns by heart.  So clearly I already knew India, right?

          Wrong.  I knew India through the foggy panes of air-conditioned cars.  I knew the India that upper middle class and those lucky few that

Avsar moves to Delhi

Avsar expands to Delhi

Inside this issue:

“An undiscovered sense of reality”

by Anubha Aggarwal


Avsar Newsletter

DATE: 21-11-2006


Special points of interest:


· Avsar registers its presence in Delhi !

· A Volunteer’s  Experience

· KiD4Kids Program

Alliance of Volunteers for Service, Action, and Reform

(AVSAR is an AAPI and Foundation for Global Understanding partner.)

Anubha Aggarwal, a third year student in the University of Columbia, volunteered with AVSAR and NASEO, in July 2006. Read about her experience of working in Mumbai and bring about change in one of its slums.  Link for PDF version

Anubha Aggarwal

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Avsar expands


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